Presentation of FreeSAS

FreeSAS is a Python package with small angles scattering tools in a MIT type license. It provides:

  • autorg: Automatic radius of gyration assessment based on Guinier law
  • cormap: Comparison of a set of (saxs) curves to decide if they are the same or not
  • bift: Bayesian inverse fourier transform
  • supcomb: overlay and averaging of dummy-atom models
  • extract_ascii: a tool to extract .dat files from HDF5 files provided at ESRF-BM29


FreeSAS has been write as a re-implementation of some ATSAS parts in Python for a better integration in the BM29 ESRF beam-line processing pipelines. It provides functions to read SAS data from pdb files and to handle them. Parts of the code are written in Cython and parallelized to speed-up the execution.

FreeSAS code is available on Github at .